Bulk SMS text messaging

Young British adults 'check their phone every 10 minutes'

Be in their inbox from 3p

SMS campaign creation

The easy online SMS marketing platform for any business

Intuitive, rich, and cost effective text messaging with analytical features.

Create and send snappy and effective SMS content from either a dedicated number, short code or short name. You can include personalisation, links and offer codes and even have your message formatted into 'text speak' with our 'TXTIFY' language tool to make the most out of your 160 characters!

Schedule exactly when you want your campaigns to be sent; You can either send immediately or select a date up to 20 years in the future! Now that's organisation!

SMS and Email analytics

Send and receive

Quickly and easily send and receive as many texts as you want.
UK routes only; Send knowing your customers will receive your text.

SMS campaign analytics

Customer tracking

Track link clicks to see what devices your recipients are using and where they are located.
Automated Google Analytics integration also allows you to estimate return on investment.

SMS and Email analytics

SMS Keyword campaigns

Capture new data and send replies. Entries can be forwarded to your Email.

Give it a try! Text Keywords to 64446. (Standard network rate.)

Click to text

SMS campaign analytics

Automated SMS Surveys

Set up intelligent automated SMS Surveys to capture data and/or feedback. Control what is needed, what replies are sent, and how many times people can enter.


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